About Me

Yo, what’s up my peeps!

I’m Carmen, a spicy little Latina who loves to garden. My husband and me have two ponds in our yard and that’s where I got the name for this site, but I’m not gonna focus only on ponds.

Imma also talk about growing plants indoors and using grow lights to do it. I started with indoor LED lights to light up my ponds to help the fish. But I started growing my own veggies in our basement soon after that.

Now I’ve got a whole garden in a room of our house and it glows pink! I love pink!

The pink comes from the LED grow lights and you’ll learn all about those as well as HPS and MH lights and, of course, PONDS!

Welcome and enjoy the ride!

Well, actually only my husband gets to enjoy this ride (wink, wink), but you know what I mean!


If you wanna get in touch to ask questions or make suggestions, hit me up in the form:

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